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Organized in 1913 | Incorporated in 1916


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President’s Message

I am honored to have been selected to be President of the Sausalito Woman’s Club for the 2021-2022 year. 

I am sure that this upcoming year will prove to be a wonderful one for all our members. After being locked down for the past year and only able to gather together virtually on Zoom, we are finally going to be able to gather in person at the clubhouse. We will be opening the club back up, in a safe and healthy way. And it will be under a new roof! 

This will be a year of reconnection for all of us. The soul of our club is in its community. We certainly learned this truth this past year. I know I am not alone when I say I dearly missed being at the club and seeing other members. While the club cleverly improvised and created ways of being together virtually, and while we all struggled and succeeded in learning these new ways, something was missing. 

It is the participation of the members in the events and activities of the club that make the club the special environment that it is. I look forward to seeing old friends again, and getting to know the wonderful new members 5 who have chosen to join us even during the pandemic months where we could not get together face to face. 

I hope that every member will feel energized to join in many of the club activities this year. I hope every member will feel inspired to lend her time, creativity, talents, and abilities to the club, and to participate fully in the community of the club. And, I hope every member is looking forward as much as I am to being: TOGETHER AGAIN! 

Susan Watson
SWC President