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Organized in 1913 | Incorporated in 1916


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The Purpose of the Sausalito Woman’s Club shall be to preserve the beauty of Sausalito, to aid through organized effort such worthy causes as may enlist its sympathies and to create a center of thought and action among the people for the promotion of whatever tends for the best interests of the city.

—Bylaws adopted by the Club Founders and in place today

THE SAUSALITO WOMAN’S CLUB has been a safe haven for trailblazing members who labored to transform the roles of women in our community and our country. These Club members “created a center of thought and action” that opened doors for women to influence Sausalito’s local government. Later, they worked to see that women were represented on the City Council. They stayed true to their purpose “to preserve the beauty of Sausalito” by creating parks, preserving trees, planting flowers, clearing weeds, and erecting fountains and park benches. They also successfully fought proposals for canneries, a highway on fill east of Bridgeway and other dev

In coming to the Club, the women found both friendship and purpose. They also experienced the power of solidarity in the face of conflict and the joy of celebrating with one another. Some women stayed for a while and moved on; others stayed for a lifetime.

The SWC Clubhouse, which provides the physical center of thought and action, was finished in 1918. This building stands as a monument to the vision of the Club founders and the talent of California’s first female architect, Julia Morgan. The Clubhouse is more than a lovely historic landmark in a spectacular setting. It has sheltered the struggles and triumphs of more than a thousand members who work to establish a voice for women in Sausalito and improve the quality of life in our community.

Members have made impressive efforts to preserve and maintain the Clubhouse and the traditions that have instilled and inspired leadership, creativity, loyalty and friendship. Commitments include the funding of scholarships, donations to a wide variety of social and environmental causes, sponsorship of educational and cultural programs, and support of music, theatre and art. The Club continues to serve the Sausalito community by hosting elections, candidate forums, performances and other events that are open to the public.