To get you started on your summer reading here are the selections for book discussions next year!  Thanks to all who suggested books.
The dates and discussants will be in the 20-21 SWC Yearbook. We look forward to having all interested SWC members join us for discussions.
Co-chairs Fran Nelson and Jeni Flynn.

The Bohemians:  A novel by Jasmin Darznik

A historical fiction set in San Francisco.  It is the story of Photographer Dorothea Lange and the artistic Bohemian culture she fell in with upon arriving in the 1920’s

The Elephant of Belfast : a novel by S. Kirk Walsh

Set in Ireland during the WWII bombing of Belfast.  A young zookeeper deals with her own grief while she fights to protect the life of a baby elephant in her care.

Hamnet  by Maggie O’Farrell

Set in the 16th Century during the Bubonic Plague. The story of  Shakespeare’s wife and family and the writing of Hamlet.  A best seller described as “mesmerizing and seductive”.

The River by Peter Heller

An adventure story of two young men on a wilderness canoe trip in Canada who encounter and must deal with a forest fire.  It contains beautiful descriptions of nature.

The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Set in Virginia just before the Civil War, the novel deals with the complex issues of slavery and abolition.  Also, the importance of family and the magic and mysterious power of “conduction”.

The Daughters of Yalta: The Churchills, Roosevelts and Harrimans: a story of love and war by Catherine Grace Katz

The Yalta conference at the end of WWII brought together Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin to discuss the fate of Europe.  Through the eyes of Anna Roosevelt, Sara Churchill and Kathy Harriman we observe the preparations, personalities and issues involved.  Nonfiction