Intimate Sausalito Wedding Venue with Bay & San Francisco Views
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Elegant Sausalito Wedding Venue

Take an elegant step back in time to celebrate your special day. Built in 1918, the Sausalito Woman’s Club offers an intimate Sausalito wedding venue with sweeping views of the Bay & San Francisco. This charming, historic space accommodates 120 guests.

Unique Craftsman-Style Building by Julia Morgan

Enjoy the beauty of this craftsman-style building designed by Julia Morgan, California’s first registered woman architect and designer of the amazing Hearst Castle.

Exquisite gardens, views, & interior décor

Savor the exquisite gardens, sweeping views, and the simple elegance of the interior décor, which is is filled with great reminders of the Club’s traditions and historical significance. Since its dedication as a woman’s club in 1917, the Sausalito Woman’s Club has become one of the top sought-after Sausalito wedding venues and events space. Read more about this historic club.

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The rental rate is $6,000 for weekend days, and $3,500 – $4,000 for weekdays. Garden Wedding Ceremony area included.  Credit Cards are accepted. 

The rental fee is payable two months prior to the function. Weekend rentals include All Day, with an opinion to purchase a 3-hour block of time the day before or the day after, depending on availability, for $300.


Private upstairs rooms: breathtaking views of SF and the Bay, with two additional rooms that can be used as Bride’s and Groom’s rooms or for smaller gatherings during events.


  • Garden wedding ceremony area
  • Bride’s dressing area
  • Groom’s dressing area
  • Dance floor area
  • Stage
  • Tables and chairs
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Wi-Fi, pull-down screen & P.A. system
  • Piano
  • Security
  • Full kitchen facilities


  • BYO alcohol
  • Valet Parking and shuttle or Uber required over 40 guests 
  • Venue must approve all decorations
  • General liability insurance required
  • Wheelchair access limited
  • Choose from a list for catering
  • Acoustic Music only indoors & outdoor
  • Music must end by 9:30pm
  • Alcohol served by licensed bartender/caterer
  • No rice, rose petals, confetti, or glitter
  • Maximum 100 guest
  • Doors to Close at 10:30pm
  • With tables and chairs: 100 people max
  • Outdoor garden ceremony: 60 people seated

Floor to ceiling French doors between the main room and the patio allow guests to flow seamlessly to and from the garden.  Renters have the flexibility of using the space in a way that is uniquely personal and specific to their needs. 



What is the rental fee ? 
 The 2024 rental rates are $6,000 for weekend days and $4,500 - $5,000 for weekdays.  Credit cards are accepted.   

What hours do I have access to the facility? 
You will have access to the facility beginning at 9:30am on the date of your event.  Events activity must end by 9:30 pm.  Your caterer will have an additional hour of time to clean up.  Curfew lights out, windows and doors closed and locked by 10:30pm.  There is an option to purchase a three-hour block of time the day before or the day after, depending on availability for $300.  

How far in advance can I book my reservation? 
You may book your event up to 18 months in advance. 

What is the deposit required to secure a date? 
A security  deposit is required to save your date. Once you receive your Rental Agreement Contract, you will have 10 business days to return it with your signature and deposit. 

How can I set up a tour of the club? 
The Sausalito Woman’s Club is a private facility, and you must have an appointment to tour the property.  Visits can be arranged by contacting the Rental Chair at 

How many guests can I invite? 
The maximum number of guests is 100 people.

Are there any other fees? 
Yes.  There is a refundable security deposit of $1,800.   

What insurance is required? 
You must purchase a one-day event insurance policy.  The terms and the vendor are specified in our contract.  Proof of insurance must be sent to the SWC Rental Manager prior to the event.  

Do you have a preferred caterer list? 
Yes.  We prefer you use one of the Caterers on our list.  We will send you the preferred list upon request.  No food trucks are allowed.  All Caterers must provide copies of the Caterer’s Health Permit, Business License and Certificate of Comprehensive Liability Insurance.   

Do you require us to use specific vendors? 
A preferred list of vendors is provided upon request. 

What about liquor license? 
For private events with no admission charge, all of our preferred caterers have the necessary licensing to serve liquor.  However, if you are charging admission to your event and/or selling liquor, a liquor license is required.  You must provide proof of licensing prior to your event. 

Can I use candles, the fireplace, barbeques or do other outdoor cooking? 

No.  Open flames are prohibited due to the historic nature of the facility.  You are welcome to use battery-operated candles.   

Who cleans up? 
You and your vendors must leave the building and grounds as you found it, including sweeping the floor, cleaning the kitchen countertops, and removing all recyclable and wet garbage from the property.  Your caterer will manage the kitchen and clean up. 

Do you provide linens & glasses. 
No.  Renters provide their own linens, glassware and patio heaters, all of which your caterer can rent for you. 

How do I set up the tables & chairs? 
One month before your event, please contact your SWC Event Manager who will consult with you and arrange for tables and chairs to be set up and broken down.  Any extra clean up time will result in additional charges. 

Can I bring in chairs? 
Yes.  You may rent your own tables & chairs.  You will receive an inventory list that we provide as part of your Rental Agreement Contract. 

Can I throw rose petals, rice, confetti, birdseed, etc.? 
No.  You may NOT throw confetti, rice, rose petals, glitter or silly string inside or outside the clubhouse.  However, birdseed may be thrown outside. 

Can I bring in a band or DJ? 
Yes.  Music must be less than 50 decibels at all times.  If sound reaches the property gates, then decibels are too high.  Sausalito noise ordinance restricts amplified use of mic & music to indoors only.  Music must end at 9:30 pm.  

Can I move furniture outside. 
You may move the Club’s tables and chairs outside.  However, the club’s wicker chairs cannot be used outdoors.  Tables and chairs must be brought into the clubhouse at the end of your event.  

Can I use nails, tacks, pins, or sticky tape on the walls? 
No.  You may not use any fastening devise that penetrates the walls surface.  This applies both indoors and outdoors.  You must have written permission for all décor wishing to be used. 

What is the parking situation? 
The Club is situated in a residential neighborhood.   Some parking is available on the street and at local lots downtown.  More information regarding parking is included in your contract packet.  Nearby Church parking lots maybe used upon request and availability; a fee may be charged. 

Is Smoking permitted? 
No.  SWC is a NON-smoking facility. 

Are children allowed? 
Yes.  However, children should not be left alone anywhere on the Club grounds without adult supervision.

If you have further questions, please contact our Rental Chair at 

Please note that rates, rules, and regulations are subject to change.   

Preferred list of vendors is provided upon request but not required. The Sausalito Woman’s Club requires a complete list of your vendors two months prior to the event.


    Sausalito Wedding Venue Testimonials

    My wedding was an incredibly beautiful success and (it was) an honor to have held it at the Woman’s Club”

    “This Sausalito wedding venue is beautiful, especially on a sunny day when you can see the view all around the Bay. Just gorgeous! Our awesome caterer loved the updated, million-dollar kitchen. I loved the upstairs room where the girls got ready… It was an intimate, warm space for our ~110 person wedding.”

    “Since the wedding, we have received so many compliments from friends and relatives saying that the atmosphere at the club was magical. It truly was a perfect place for our wedding and I would not have changed a single detail.”

    “We had a fabulous time. Everything we asked for was provided. Everyone was very nice… I would recommend the women’s club to anyone… Great location and lovely, well-maintained garden.”

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