Dear Ladies of the SWC,

A heartfelt thank-you to the members of our Club for allowing me to be of service to you, our Club, our Home.

I am very humbled by this honor to serve as your President for a second time. I promise to be of service to you in every possible, positive way. I believe our connections are made stronger when we are able to come together in person, something that we all have been missing the past 3 years. My energy and motivation to bring us back in to our home began when I reread our Centennial Book that was full of members celebrating, dancing, singing and smiling.

Going in to the Club year 2023-2024, I hope to bring back the events and celebrations we have been missing during our isolation. Let’s all continue with our traditions as we build new traditions within our Club’s framework. We are recovering the spark, the light in our hearts & eyes and we have begun to “Come Back To Where We Belong”!

Let us reconnect, call each other, get to know the new members, bring fun, enlightening, informative programs to our yearbook so we can once again enjoy this special place where the happy feels right!

Our return to our home depends on our willingness to engage with one another, our respect for each other’s opinions and support anyone who is still is isolated, unwell or grieving.

We are a fabulous group of women, large in thoughts, words and deeds. Let us reach out to one another, and “may we strive to touch and know the great common woman’s heart of us all”.

Most of all, let us not forget to be kind and Come Back To Where We Belong!

Laurie Wright



  • Laurie Wright, President
  • Lisa Meyer, First Vice President
  • Pat Pennington, Second Vice President
  • Kristin Maas, Recording Secretary
  • Kathleen Maher, Membership Secretary
  • Renee Lee, Treasurer
  • Susan Daniloff, Corresponding Secretary
  • Millie Zinman, Parliamentarian


  • Lauri Flynn, Co-Director Programs
  • Ko Scarth, Co-Director Programs
  • Annie Porter, Co-Director House & Building
  • Jennifer Rynders, Co-Director House & Building
  • Susan Gordon, Director Rentals
  • Elin Hyytinen, Director At Large