Resilient Neighborhoods Team – How to live a climate sustainable lifestyle

Thank you Sausalito Woman’s Club and neighbors.

We wanted to share this wonderful news.
SWC’s partnership with Sausalito Library resulted in a team of 24 households.

“There is so much power in actions like lifestyle change because not only does it cut pollution, it also helps you to find your voice. If somebody just does it on their own, you think, what difference will it make? But if whole communities do it—if the entire population lived differently—it changes the system”  ― Mary Robinson, Climate Justice: Hope, Resilience, and the Fight for a Sustainable Future.

Women want to do the right things, and are learning the far-reaching impacts of thousands of small daily decisions on our community and our planet.

Here is what we are already doing st SWC 
1.     We “opted-up” to MCE Deep Green – we are not solar, but we do have 100% clean renewable electric energy. Deep Green will cost just 1 cent more per kilowatt hour. Contact MCE at 888-732-3674 or on line:
2.     We Compost.  Our January Crab Feed will be 100% compostable and reusable!  THANK YOU LINDA BANKS & BARBARA SUTAK!

The earth needs solid and food waste in landfill results in methane – more toxic than CO2
3.  We Recycle!
4.     We sponsor Resilient Neighborhoods Teams and encourage you to join
5.    We Buy Local – SWC Sustainability Committee purchases compostable products locally.
        If you need products for Club events or have sustainability questions, contact us.
“Sustainability starts at the Store.” Greg Christie BCRS
              SWC Sustainability Committee
             Julie Carlson, Sue Currier, Shari Hansen, Jann Johnson, Dana Whitson