As of 8/25/22

SWC requires that everyone — guests and SWC members — who enter the club show their proof of full vaccination to the program chair(s) before entering the club.

When boosters are available for your age group – please stay current with the recommendations of your health care providers.

If you are chairing a program, you can send the RSVP list to Nicki Parry at nickiswc6492@gmail.com prior to your event and she can tell you who has pre-approved vaccine proof on file.

Masks are highly recommended in the SWC.

If You Test Positive for COVID-19

5-day Isolation
Do NOT come to the club until completing a minimum of 5-day isolation period
• If have no symptoms, may end isolation after 5 days
• If have symptoms, may end isolation after 10 days if:
• No fever for 24 hours
• Symptoms are improving
All Wear a mask through day 10


If Exposed to Someone Positive for COVID-19

No distinction for booster
Wear a mask around others for 10 days
If develop symptoms, isolate & get tested
Test 5 days after exposure (even if asymptomatic):
• If negative – continue wearing mask
• If positive – isolate

*Please note that the above requirements may change with time as the County of Marin issues new COVID restrictions and guidelines.

*Recommendations as per the guidance of County of Marin, State of CA, CDC and have been evaluated and approved by the SWC Health and Safety Committee.

*Effective 8/25/22