Wednesday, January 15 —4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Panel Discussion with Professional Guests

Cannabis – New Age Design and , Modern approach to Cannabis

Cannabis has been used to enhance health for centuries. Lean about cannabis for health, wellness, self-care, and caregiving…a positive experience with cannabis.
A conversation into the science of cannabis as medicine with therapeutic properties of the cannabinoids what is useful in managing pain, help sleep and manage stress. Bound to be very informative.

• Jennifer Chapin – Co-founder of Kikoko
• Allie Greenstone – National Education manager for Mary’s Medicinal
• Bonnie Kuhn – 13 years Registered Nurse (Doctor’s Medical Center, California Pacific Medical Center and Marin General Hospital)
• Sally Nicholes – President of Sales + Distribution Bloom Farms or Mike Ray CEO of Bloom Farms (TBD)
• Nurit Raphael – Founder of ONA – Moderator
We all know these topics could be talked about for hours. Please, feel free to send us any questions that you would like to be present to the panel. Contact Susan Gordon or Fay Rudio with your questions.

Chairs: Susan Gordon, Fay Rudio