Club Email Procedure



Q. Who do I send it to?

A. Pam with Kimber Communications. | Email:

If you do not get an email response after you have submitted your email, please call 331-6466.


Q. How many emails can be sent in one day?

A. Maximum of three emails per day.


Q. How many times can I send an email out for my event?
A. Three!  Introduction, reminder and final or sold out.


Q. Who can submit an email?
A. Chair or designated person for event.


Q. I just requested an email be sent. Can it go out today if the event is tomorrow?
A. Sometimes yes, but please allow two days for the email to be completed, reviewed and sent out.  Not all emails will be able to go out same day, plan accordingly! Emails will be generated Monday-Friday only.


Q. What do I need to submit my event for an email?
A. Prepare event text and images you want shown in your email.


Q. Do I need to design the email or can I just submit my information?
A. You can submit your information and an email will be designed.


Q. I want my emails to look a certain way? Can I do that?
A. All emails have the same format and come from the Club itself. Your contact information will be provided on the email for reference.


Q. Can I just submit a large graphic as my email?
A. No. Large graphics are not easily read on mobile devices.