How to Apply for a Scholarship

Each year the Sausalito Woman’s Club (SWC) Scholarship Recognition Fund (SWCSRF) raises money for scholarships and provides awards to deserving students to help support their education goals. The awards are for people attending college/university, vocational or art school. Applications for the 2015-2016 school year will be available on 1/16/2015. Instructions for completion, additional required materials, application deadline and other important information are included in the applications. Please retain a copy of your completed application for your records. Please note that there are four different application forms, as follows:

  • One for current high school seniors
  • One for first time SWC scholarship applicants who have already started their post-high school education
  • One for first time SWC scholarship applicants who plan to re-enter an educational institution after  a break in their education  (Re-Entry Students)
  • One for students who have received SWC scholarships in one or more past years and are applying for a scholarship for a subsequent year of school (Prior Awardees)



First Time Applicants                                  Prior SWC Scholarship Awardees

High School Senior (link)                               Prior recipients (link)

Currently in College (link)

Adult Re-Entry Applicant (link)

Mail in your application to: 

SWCSRF/Application Committee

P.O. BOX 3045


If you are unclear as to which application to complete or have any other questions, please do not hesitate to email the SWC scholarship coordinator at or write to:  SWCSRF/Application Committee, P.O. BOX 3045, SAUSALITO, CA. 94966