May Newsletter

President’s Message
Barbara Sutak

April Showers?  If you mean rain, not so much.

Instead of rain, this April, we were showered with some wonderful changes and wonderful Programs.

We started the month by electing our new 2014-2015 SWC Executive Board.

Congratulations to our new officers!

President-elect is Michel Benjamin, First Vice President will be Julie Carlson and Second Vice President will be Mimi Reich for the coming term. Recording Secretary will be Claudia Kennedy.  Kathi Fortmann will take on the Membership Secretary tasks.  The Treasurer responsibilities, which are numerous, will be shared this year between Sande McGarry as Treasurer and Director Terry Yavorsky as Treasurer’s Assistant.  The Program Director post will be Co-Chaired by Laurie Wright and Fay Rudio. Directors will be Janet Chapman, Jenny Tomerlin and Isabelle Gillis.

The Headlands Hike started off the month which was lead by Helen Bennett and Carolyn Ford.

Sausalito Players presented “Other Desert Cities.”  Our own Linda Neilsen starred.  The name of the play refers to a real highway sign that appears in Southern California which reads on one half “Palm Springs” and on the other half reads only “Other Desert Cities.”  The play explores who lives in those “other” cities.

The Mad Hatter’s Tea party was cancelled this year but the event Chairs promise to bring it back next year.

“Poetry Night” was out of this world.  A new cast of Poetry Night organizers this year stepped to and hit the ball out of the park. The program acknowledged the contributions of Barbara Holmes who established this annual event.  Julie Carlson, Ann Elston, Jackie Kudler and Oonagh Kavanagh brought us an elegant evening.  The audience enjoyed an array of presentations from established Poets Laureate (yes, four of them no less) to seasoned male and female presenters and budding high school stars.  The evening featured refreshments fit for a king and queen, lovely flowers, and a room full of people waiting to surprise and be surprised by their colleagues’ deliveries at the microphone.   It was truly a night to remember.

The Bon Tempe Lake Hike was a comfortable hike that any of us could enjoy.  Our hike coordinators are careful to make sure they design hikes and walks to address the broad spectrum of walking and hiking abilities of our membership.  It is a sure thing, no matter the venue, that you will enjoy yourself on one of these Club hikes.  Thank you, Helen Bennett and Nancy Curran.

The Rite of Spring Champagne Brunch and Fashion Show was an SWCPS benefit presented by the Preservation Society. Members modeled fashions from Sausalito’ own LISA LEBOW and GR.DANO.  The luncheon tables were gorgeous and exciting featuring place settings and decorations provided by individual table “hosts.”   What a clever idea and what a wonderful outcome.  The clothing featured in the fashion show was especially selected by for the models to compliment each individual.  To Chris Butler, Ciji Ware, Carolyn Merrill and Phoebe Fielding, “Well done!”

The “Someone” in the Kitchen this month was Heidi Snowden and her famous “Tamalada.” Not only did you get to watch a real expert demonstrate how to make tamales, dinner was included in the package…and a lot of fun, too!!!  Oh, YUM!

The May meeting honors our First Responders.  See you there.


SWC Preservation Society
Phoebe Fielding, Chair
Our wonderful spring event “Special Occasions” was a unique champagne brunch and fashion show.After weeks of planning and hard work, it was as fabulous as we had dared to hope. The main hall in the Club was transformed with fourteen beautiful tables, each one designed by a different member of the SWC: lovely linens, china and decorator items as far as the eye could see. Creativity was expressed from the whimsical to the classic. And there were beautiful flowers in honor of the “Spring-time” general theme. Many thanks to the generous members who participated and decorated the tables: Elizabeth Nelson, Millie Zinman, Mickie Lloyd, Camara Scremin, June Hood, Liz O’Keefe, Ann Elston, Laurie Wright, Mimi Reich, Jeni Flynn, Cindy Mason, Sande McGarry, Oonagh Kavanagh and Phoebe Fielding.

The event began with a glass of champagne or a Mimosa prepared by our bartender, Susan Watson. This was followed by a delicious brunch created by Carolyn Merrill and Sande McGarry. The fashion show was a collection of outfits designed for “Special Occasions” such as might occur in Sausalito and so were of particular interest to our members. This was the idea of the co-chairs Ciji Ware and Chris Butler who collaborated with two new designer boutiques on Caledonia, Lisa Lebow and Gr.dano. The event finished with a raffle for three outstanding prizes.

SWC Scholarship Recognition Fund
Jean Patterson, ChairScholarship Awards, 2014-2015

Being able to help students pursue their educational goals and realize their dreams is an incredibly rewarding experience. One of the most exciting (and sometimes most demanding) steps in this process is the annual review and selection of scholarship recipients from among the many applications we receive.

The SWCSRF Board met in early April to collectively review and select the recipients of the coming year’s SWCSRF Scholarships. After friendly debate and thoughtful assessment of each applicant, the Board is extremely pleased to announce that, thanks to the generosity of SWCSRF supporters, we were able to reward a record total of $61,000 in SWC Scholarships to 40 local students for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year!We will present these scholarships and honor each of the recipients at the annual SWC Scholarship Awards Ceremony and Reception on Sunday, June 1, from 3-5pm at the SWC. Members are strongly encouraged to attend, meet the students and their families and let them know how proud you are of them. These students are genuinely appreciative of the support and encouragement they receive from the SWC, and your presence means so much to them.

We’re extremely pleased to have as our guest speaker an incredible woman known to many of you — Dr. Elizabeth Talley of Marin City, a former SWCSRF scholar and now a Pediatric Nephrologist at Children’s Hospital, Oakland and clinical instructor at Stanford University’s School of Medicine. It will be such a special treat to have her with us again and to hear her speak of  “her journey”. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear this inspiring lady and, in addition, experience the joy and gratitude of our scholarship recipients and their families. It’s guaranteed to be an uplifting afternoon!

Dr. Elizabeth Talley, Scholarship Awards Guest Speaker
Dr. Elizabeth Talley, Scholarship Awards Guest Speaker

SWCSRF Board for 2014-2015

The SWCSRF is extremely pleased to welcome three new Board Members for the coming year — Directors Judy Barber and Sela Seleska, and Kim Huff who has graciously agreed to return to Scholarship as its 2014-2015 Chair! Kim, a former SWCSRF Board Member, also served as Chair in 2009-2010. All of these ladies will be tremendous assets to the SWCSRF going forward and we are so very grateful that they have agreed to join Scholarship.

While we enthusiastically welcome these new members to the Board, we sadly bid farewell to others…

SWCSRF will greatly miss the wisdom and dedication of current Vice Chair Mollie Squires, who has served on the Board for the past three years and was a former member of earlier Scholarship Boards. Her support of SWCSRF over the years and sincere concern for our scholars has been a true gift to Scholarship. Thank you, Thank you, Mollie! And, what would we have done without the patience and knowledge of our Treasurer, Stacey Fraser? We so appreciate her “dollars and cents” advice these past three years! Scholarship has benefited immensely from the talents and experience of ladies, each of whom has made her own invaluable contribution.

Having served on the Scholarship Board for eight of the past nine years – these past two wonderful years as its Chair – I find the time has come for me to take ‘my leave’.  It is with the deepest sincerity and humility when I say how grateful I am for this rewarding opportunity to give back to our community through scholarship and to work with such dedicated and talented members of our Boards over the years. I will always be among SWCSRF’s most loyal supporters and I send A HUGE AND SINCERE APPRECIATION to the wonderful ‘ladies of Scholarship’ with whom I have served and for the SWC’s support.SWCSRF couldn’t have done it without you!

Going forward into a successful upcoming year for SWCSRF…I am extremely pleased to announce the members of the incoming 2014-2015 SWCSRF Board of Directors:

Chair:               Kim Huff
Vice-Chair:    Candace Curtis
Treasurer:     Mary O’Connell
Secretary:      Susan Daniloff
Directors:      Judy Barber, Paula Fancher, Jean Spaulding, Sela Seleska,
Holly Stewart, Susie Visher and Laurie Wright

Congratulations, ladies!

Book Club
Susan Watson and Donna Christie Kolkey, Co-Chairs
Please join us on Thursday, May 15th at 7:00 p.m. to discuss “The Great Gatsby”, by F. Scott Fitzgerald.Robert Stone recently wrote about The Great Gatsby: “No American novel ever described the American condition with such precision and eloquence”.  Do we agree?

This classic has received renewed interest in the wake of a recent popular movie and is worth another reading.

We usually have light refreshments, and if you feel so inclined, bring a bite to share.

We look forward to seeing you!

Discussant: Fran Nelson | No need to RSVP

Nancy Curran, Margo Merle, Susan Watson, Co-chairs
Please join us for the final hike of the SWC year. We will meet and carpool at the SWC 9:00am and drive to the Pelican Inn where we will start our hike and come back to for lunch.

This is about a 4 1/2 mile hike with an uphill on the Redwood Cr. Trail, a crossover on the Miwok Trail for 1.1 mile and then down the Diaz Trail.  We grade this hike as moderate.

The views are fantastic and you are rewarded to experience the Green Gulch Gardens at the Zen Center at the bottom of the hike.

This is a wonderful spring hike, and we hope you can make it.

Contact Nancy Curran 332-1289 or Cynnie Anderson 847-2190 by May 13, 5 PM so we can make lunch reservations.

Julie Carlson, Membership SecretaryYearbook Updates

Elin Hyytinen has a new address
74 Edwards

Jan Wahl added address
90 Harrison

Shannon Baker has a new mailing address
PO Box 816
Sausalito, CA 94966
Phone 415-680-8464

Jan Hodgson phone number correction

Maryann Pacula has a new mailing address
P.O. Box 2292
Sausalito, CA   94966

It’s Time to Update the Yearbook!If you have moved, changed your phone or email address, etc. and have not notified Julie Carlson or Kim Huff, now is the time!

Please send changes to Kim Huff: and please put SWC Yearbook in the subject line.

If you have already sent in changes this year, no need to do it again.   Thank you!

Claudia Kennedy and Billie Anderson, Co-Chairs
The April 22 City Council meeting had so many people speaking to on both the Housing Element and the Licensing Agreement with Sea Trek (Kayaking) whose lease has been terminated in their present Schoonmaker location, that the other agenda items for this date were postponed until May 6th…and the meeting still ended after midnight!Housing Element:

The Housing Element’s proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendments of HMU (Horizontal Mixed Use) and VMU (Vertical Mixed Use) Overlays plus the State Density Bonus resulted in more than a dozen complaints over the potential future loss of views, as well as the threat of increased traffic and relaxed parking standards for developers.

  • HMU: An HMU site lets developers replace ground floor businesses with 100% housing (1st, 2nd, 3rd floors) in exchange for allowing some affordable units. Residents near HMU sites (specifically,the 7/11, Bridgeway at Olive, or 1901 and 2015 Bridgeway) assert their neighborhoods would lose walk-able businesses, and a developer could receive incentives like height waivers exceeding local standards or reduced parking requirements. Many residents challenged the changes these amendments could bring to the existing ambiance of Sausalito.
  • VMU: A VMU site lets developers replace existing businesses on upper floors with 100% housing, and restricts any new development on upper floors to 100% housing. VMU sites run throughout Sausalito in CC, CN-I, and CR zoning districts.
The council majority voted to direct the city consultant to explore VMU and HMU options, and to forward the remaining items of the Housing Element (e.g., special needs housing and reasonable accomodations housing) to the Planning Commission.For details of the Housing Element see the Staff Reports on the April 22 City Council Agendas detailed on the City

Sea Trek:

Council’s decision on Sea Trek assured Sea Trek of the necessary seven parking places and improvements on City-owned Locust St, conditioned on lease approval with their proposed new location at Bridgeway Marine and Planning Commission Design Review and CUP.  Council also directed the lease of Sea Trek at Schoonmaker to be re-examined to see if there were conditions in it preventing the lease cancellation  In addition, council motion stipulated Sea Trek liaison with its new live-aboard neighbors at Bridgeway Marine to ensure good will and collaboration, and to also confirm environmental issues are analyzed.

The SWC 2013-14 Bridge Marathon was won by Cis Muldoon and Kate Powell!  Second place winners are Carol Carlson and Barbara Gifford.  Right behind them, in 3rd place, are Noel and Holland. (The complete scores are listed below.)On May 21st we will have our last event for the year… a delish potluck lunch, party bridge, and prizes for our winners.

Our SWC Bridge Marathon is now firmly established…and loads of fun!  We play from 10 to 2 on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.  Call Pat Boddy, Cis, or Kate if you would like to join us next year.  We’d love to have you.

2013-14         Total bridge scores for the year:

a.         18000
b.         9750
c.          15460
d.         20860
e.         11870
f.          20210
g.         11420
h.         23440

Your bridge committee… Cis Muldoon, Pat Boddy, Holland Gray, and Kate Powell.

Change of Time for Meetings of SWC’s Craft GroupThe SWC Crafts Group (aka Knit-Wits) is changing the hours of our twice-monthly meetings to 10:00 a.m. to Noon (we formerly met Noon to 2:00 p.m.)  The days remain the same:  the second and fourth Monday of every month.  We hope to please the Mah-Jong group with this re-arrangement of hours–they will have opportunity to play in the sun (our favored spot) and we may be able to encourage a few from the MahJong Madness to try their hands at knitting, crochet, embroidery, hemming, making jewelry, darning old socks or any number of challenging pursuits–we have some fineinstructors!

If there are any questions, please call or e-mail MaryAnn Dietrich 415-332-1287

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